The foundation

Polyval is a foundation of private law, governed by the articles eighty and the following of the Swiss civil code, non-profit organisation, recognized public utility and benefiting of the support of the State of Vaud. The foundation is registered in the commercial register.

A mission – a challenge
  • Allow to the person who is benefiting of the disability insurance or in social difficulties to improve its autonomy with a work and an adapted environment and doing so be integrated in the world of work and in the society.
  • Offer to our clients quality services and products in conformity with their requirements
  • Make all the partners fully satisfied

The foundation responds to the Polyval charter as well as to the honour code of INSOS (national branch Association for people with disabilities).


Social role

The Polyval Foundation offers a paid and adapted work depending of the health and the individual capabilities of people benefiting of a disability interest. In our different workshops, we offer them a large choice of industrial activities in outsourcing or own production.


After the signing of an employment contract, which is specific to their insured status, the employees are hired in the industrial workshops depending on their place of residence and / or their choice.


By the annual setting of personalized objectives, we promote the development or the maintaining of the competences of each person. Managers and social-instructors listen to them to help, reinsure them and give them advice in their professional workday.

Parallel, a social-professional manager works closely with the woprkshops, makes the link between the families and the social partners and ensures the wellness of the employees.

Industrial competences

Professionals of industrial outsourcing and key partner

Many years of experience in the secondary and tertiary sectors have made us a reliable and key partner for all outsourcing activities thanks in particular to our “cross-selling” services and to the professionalism of our teams.

Only one interlocutor

An interlocutor will be specifically dedicated to facilitate the treatment and follow-up of your file.

Our magical trio: services – price – proximity

Quality services at the right price; proximity and geographical coverage thanks to our seven regional workshops.

You wish to outsource a work ?

In case of internal resources or activities without added value for your company, our workshops are at your disposal to give you the necessary resources to the realisation of your needs.

Future visions

In order to go with the market evolution, we regularly look to enrich our services. We regularly invest in high-performance equipment in the cardboard, mechanical, pharmaceutical and professional laundry service sectors.

This continuous development strategy allows us to support our clients in an increasingly competitive market.


Quality system and Certifications


It is obvious that the organisations (companies, associations and istitutions) have to break new ground for economic, environmental and social efficiency reasons.The organizations have to adapt themselves to a changing environment where the competition is every time more global, the companies have to constantly maintain and improve their competitiveness and their performances. Innovate has become an absolute necessity.

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Geographical location

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Geographic location

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